We believe that the purpose of assessment is to raise standards, not merely to measure them. .

Promoting and improving children’s learning is a principal aim of Maidwell Primary School, and staff are continually assessing children’s learning, using a variety of techniques and tools, from simple questioning to more formal written tests.

Pupils undertake Standard Attainment Tasks and Tests (SATs) at the end of Key Stage 1 in Year 2, and at the end of Key Stage 2 in Year 6. Information about the school’s annual performance in these tests can be found on a separate page in this prospectus.

Pupils also undertake Optional SATs in Years 3, 4 and 5. The outcomes of these, and other assessments, are recorded on the school’s tracking system. The children’s progress is monitored regularly against the targets set.

There are two formal occasions during the academic year when Parents Evenings are held. These occur in the Autumn and Spring Terms. During their consultation parents have the opportunity to meet with the teacher to discuss their child’s progress and view the work being carried out by their child. We also hold an Open Evening at the end of the Summer Term when parents and children are invited to share in the achievements of the whole school in a relaxed and informal environment.

Parents are, of course, welcome to make appointments, at any time, to see their child’s teacher to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress. The class teacher has pastoral responsibility for your child and it is important that you discuss with them any concerns or worries you may have regarding your child’s general well-being in school.

All pupils in Years 1-6 take home an Annual Report at the end of each academic year, detailing information on progress and attainment in all aspects of the National Curriculum, and other aspects of the school curriculum. Parents of children in the Reception Year will receive a similar report based on attainment and progress in the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Parents have an opportunity to discuss their child’s report at the Open Evening in the Summer Term.



'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'