Maidwell Primary School

Partnership with parents      

At Maidwell Primary School we believe in creating strong working partnerships with parents.  Parents who engage strongly with us and attend meetings intended to support you to support your child at home, will, as a direct consequence, be better able to support their child and will experience enhanced outcomes as a result.

Early Years Foundation Stage Meetings

We offer six Early Years Foundation Stage meetings which focus on different aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  

  • Introduction to EYFS
  • Reading in EYFS
  • Building confidence and independence
  • Maths in EYFS
  • Spelling EYFS moving on to Year 1
  • Transition to Year 1

These may change to reflect current educational change or in response to a specific need.

Early Years Foundation Stage Talk for Writing Sessions

On two mornings each term you will be invited in to school during the school day to witness the Talk for Writing process being taught to the children.  You will be IMG 1241  IMG 1242 able to see how the children use a story/text map to recall the story/text and how specific language, eg: story language or bossy   verbs,  are incorporated into the model text.  You will observe role play activities which help your child to embed learning.  As the   year   moves on, you will see the children engaged in shared and guided writing activities.

These sessions are a perfect opportunity to learn about the Talk for Writing process and for you to use the techniques when learning new stories at home with your child.

          IMG 1245


Parental Curriculum Meetings

As well as the six curriculum meetings held for the parents of children in the Early Years, we offer a further six curriculum meetings to which all parents are invited.

  • Reading in action and Book Talk
  • Raising attainment in spelling
  • Positive mindset and self-regulated learning
  • Internet safety
  • Maths calculations
  • Grammar

These meetings may change to reflect current school developments and will be of assistance to you in supporting your child at home.

Home School Agreement

The Home/School Agreement is an important document that benefits both teaching and learning. Parents, teachers and pupils enter into the agreement as a commitment to a working partnership. The agreement is issued to you when your child begins school and it is renewed at the start of Key Stage 2.

'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'