Maidwell Primary School

"An Oustanding School in a peaceful, rural setting"

We are keen to provide activities and experiences to enhance and enrich the curriculum wherever possible. For certain activities we may request a voluntary contribution. No child will be excluded from such an opportunity for financial reasons.

The school may request a contribution towards the cost of ingredients or material where the finished article is to be taken home, such as products made in art, design and technology lessons.

Peripatetic music tuition is subsidised by the LA. However, in order to increase the range of instrument tuition available to pupils, parents are required to meet the additional cost of lessons.

Swimming lessons are charged at approximately £15 per term.

Activities organised by a third party, or those taking place outside of school hours, may incur costs to be met by parents.

Where a pupil has caused ‘wilful damage’ to school property, parents are required to meet the costs of repair or replacement, as appropriate.

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Charging & Remissions


The School is covered by all normal Northamptonshire County Council insurance arrangements. Our insurance also covers staff, pupils and volunteers on all school journeys and educational visits, at home and abroad.