At Maidwell Primary School we take Online Safety very seriously. As such, we require ALL children to have considered and completed an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

An AUP is simply a list of rules selected to protect the children from harm when online. These rules are a key part of the way we teach the children to be both safe and responsible when online.  

As an AUP can be a difficult concept to fully understand and also requires the support of parents, we ask that you consider the following rules that form our Children's AUP with your child at home. Once you are confident you and your child have understood the idea, please complete the entries below to register acceptance of our AUP.

In addition to the promises below, natterhub also has an acceptable use agreement. In order to login to natterhub, the natterhub agreement must be accepted and agreed to first and this is something your child will have done / will do in school the first time they use natterhub. The content of this agreement can be reviewed in the natterhub account. A parent's natterhub account can also be created to allow you to share your child's natterhub progress. Please ask if you do not have a natterhub parent account linked to your child's account.

Children are also able to use their natterhub account from home when the AUP below has been completed and accepted by school.

Child's Name*

I Promise – to only use the school computers and other technology for school work that the teacher has asked me to do.

I Promise – not to look for or show other people things that may be upsetting.

I Promise – to show respect for the work that other people have done.

I will not – use other people’s work or pictures without permission to do so.

I will not – damage the school's computer equipment; if I accidentally damage something I will tell my teacher.

I will not – share my password with anyone inappropriate.  If I forget my password I will tell my teacher.

I will not – use other people’s usernames or passwords.

I will not – share personal information online with anyone.

I will not – download anything from the Internet unless my teacher has asked me to.

I Will – let my teacher know if anybody asks me for personal information.

I Will – let my teacher know if anybody says or does anything to me that is hurtful or upsets me.

I Will – be respectful to everybody online; I will treat everybody the way that I want to be treated.

I Understand - that some people on the Internet are not who they say they are, and some people can be nasty. 

I Understand - if I break these rules there will be consequences for my actions and my parents will be told.

I Know - to tell an adult I trust if something or someone upsets me on the internet.

Parent's Name*

I have read and discussed these rules with my child and I am confident they understand them. I am also confident my child appreciates the seriousness of using the internet incorrectly in school.




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'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'