16 July 2021

Dear Parents

Please find enclosed the results of the June parental questionnaire. Having shared with staff the responses - 22 out of a possible 41 – I would like to make a number of observations.

First of all, we are delighted to note that all respondents felt we ensure the children behave well, are safe and that either bullying has not been experienced by their child or is dealt with effectively. This is of importance, particularly as the Education Secretary has recently launched a call for evidence on behaviour. I must thank all staff who operate within a clear and consistent Behaviour Policy and thank parents who support this in an effective partnership. The Education Secretary has called for ‘calm classrooms’ and I agree with the sentiment. Children cannot even begin to learn in an environment which is in any way disruptive.

The vast majority of respondents indicate very high levels of satisfaction with MaidwellPrimary School. The assessment data sent out earlier this week demonstrates that you are justified in feeling that your children are well taught and make good progress.

As you know, the questionnaire is anonymous and, whilst we would encourage all parents to be honest in their response, one-to-one communication is vital in the event of there being any issues which require further discussion. Unless we are made aware of a potential concern, it cannot be addressed.


Yours sincerely
ROSEMARIE JAMES (Mrs) Headteacher



'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'