If your child is prevented, for any reason, from attending school, then you are requested to notify the school first thing on the morning of absence, by telephone (01604 686240), personal call at the office. Many parents may also find it helpful to inform school of a pupil's absence by using the website's "Contact Us" page. This communication will only be appropriate at weekends or at times when the school is closed.

A pupil’s absence from school will be considered unauthorised until a satisfactory explanation is received from parents.


Registers will be called punctually each day at 9.00am and 1.15pm.

If a pupil arrives after the registration period, they must report to the school office for signing into the lateness register. They will then be registered as ‘late’ for that session.

If a pupil arrives 30 minutes or more after the closure of the register, they must advise the School Office and will be entered into the lateness register. They will be registered as unauthorised absent for the session unless an appropriate explanation is received.

Holidays taken in term time are considered as unauthorised absence. 

Proposed changes to absence penalty system (to include lateness). Please click here to read about the Government's proposals to introduce new DofE monitoring of absences/lateness and issuing penalties accordingly.

The following is an extract from the school’s Attendance Policy.

3.   Authorised and unauthorised absence

3.1    Absence from school will be authorised if it is for the following reasons:

  • Genuine illness
  • Unavoidable medical/dental appointments
  • Days of religious observance
  • Exceptional family circumstances, such as bereavement

3.2   Absence from school WILL NOT be authorised for:

  • Shopping
  • Birthdays
  • Minding the house
  • Caring for brothers/sisters/relatives

3.3   Holidays should not be taken in term-time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If parents believe such circumstances exist, they must explain the detailed reasons in writing to the Head teacher.

A letter should be attached to the school’s Leave of Absence Form. Members of the school’s Governing Body may be consulted before any decision is reached. Parents must complete this procedure before making any travel arrangements. The final decision will be given within five school days.

Multiple applications within one school year will automatically be refused.

Absence Request Form

If your child needs to be away from school for any reason, we ask parents to use this form to advise us in advance of the request. If your request concerns a holiday, you should also provide a holiday letter with your application with the request form. Please note that the school policy is that holidays taken in term time are considered as unauthorised absence.

For more information about School Abscence, please click here.

Medical Consent Policy

This document describes our position on medical intervention and gives you full details of how the process works.  Forms are available from the office, if required.

ParentMail Information

Please be aware that each parent/carer should keep their details up to date by accessing parentmail and making the chages online.

'Safeguarding is of the highest priority at Maidwell Primary School'